About VGO

Exciting news!!

UTCoinbets  now accepts VGO Deposits. VGO works by allowing customers to add credits to their UTCB account, using skins and items from other games such as CSGO. These virtual items are transferred safely and securely, with no risk, using blockchain technology. Once you deposit you can then Bet with these credits, open packs and enjoy all features of UTCoinbets. Withdrawals with VGO will be launched very soon! 

You can select VGO deposit method from the usual deposit screen as seen below: 


You are able to add your tradeable skins from your OPSkins account. You can visit that website to see which games and skins/items are supported. (https://trade.opskins.com/) 

On our deposit page, https://gyazo.com/f75cff109c019555396d72748d01c6d9 you will be asked to enter your OPSkins Express TradeURL. You will find this Trade URL on the OpSkins website. (This is explained on the link where it says "by clicking here") 

Once you have added their tradeable skins on the OPSkins website, they will be able to create the TradeURL. Paste this URL into our website, and this will display how many coins you receive for these skins. Then just select "Deposit Skins" and the coins will be added to your UTCB account. 

Your trade URL can be saved to your UTCoinbets account so the process is quick and easy going forward! 

Enjoy playing UTCoinbets. 



For more information on VGO please read the following: