Wax Trade

UTCOINBETS now offers deposits and withdrawals with WAX express trade!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of  Wax express trade on UTcoinbets, Wax allows you to deposit and withdraw with a huge range or virtual and real world items. You can redeem your UTCB credits as games, skins, clothing, electronics, gift cards & many more!

Here's How to use Wax Deposits and Withdrawals on UTCOINBETS

1 - Create your account on https://opskins.com

2 - Now you will need to create your Trade URL. To do this, you will need to setup 2 Factor Login on the OPSkins Website. Visit: https://trade.opskins.com/ & Follow the Instructions to set up 2-Factor Verification & to Add your Phone Number. This step is necessary to keep your account 100% Safe & Secure.

3 - Once this has been completed, navigate to the Settings page Here

4 - Here you will find your Trade URL, copy and paste this for use on the UTCOINBETS Website.

Once your account is linked you can deposit and withdraw instantly with all of these items on UTCOINBETS.COM