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Creating an account with is easy!

To Register, select My Account at the top right of your page, then select Register and complete the form shown. Once your account has been created, you will be able to deposit and enjoy our website’s features.

Change Platform

Your account is now platform-specific. This means that you will need to change your platform on our website if you switch between PS4/XB1/PC. This is very easy to do.

Simply nagivate to My Account > Platform. Select the platform you wish to convert your credits to and you will be shown the conversion rate. Confirm the decision and your platform will change. Please pay close attention to the conversion rate, we cannot guarantee you will receive the same number of coins when changing between consoles.


To place bets and win coins, ensure you are logged in and have deposited coins into your account.

1. To begin, select a Sport from the Categories on the left side of the Betting page. Select the Country you are looking for, followed by the League.
This will show the 1X2 (Home Win, Draw, Away Win) odds for the available matches.

2. Select your predicted outcome by clicking the odds, thus adding your selection to your Betslip on the right side of the page. Adding multiple selections as one bet will create an Accumulator. These are explained further on. Enter your stake and your potential winnings will be shown, select Bet and Confirm.


Accumulators are applied when one or more selection is added to your betslip and is placed as a single bet.
You can chose to place an accumulator by selecting the “Multiple” option on your Betslip.

All odds for these selections are multiplied together to generate your final accumulated odds, and your bet will be placed at these odds with the stake you select. However, all selections in your accumulator must win for your bet to be a Winner.

Betting Market Explained

We have introduced many new Betting Options this year!
To access these full list of bets for each match, select the number shown at the side of the 1X2 odds.

Certain bets will not be possible to be placed as a Multiple. Match Winner with 1st Half Winner for example. All bets are settled after 90 minutes of play unless stated otherwise.

The Match Winner. Selection 1 is a Home Win, X is a Draw and 2 is an Away Win.

1X2 1st Half
Winner of the First half. This bet is settled as though only the 1st half is taking place.

1X2 2nd Half
Winner of the Second half. This bet is settled as though only the 2nd half is taking place.

Both Teams to Score
Both Teams to score, or not to score in the match.

Team to Score First
First team on the scoreboard, own goals are included.

Double Chance
1X - Home Team to Win or Draw. / 2X - Away Team to Win or Draw. / 12 - Home or Away Team to Win.

Draw No Bet
Home or Away selections, your bet will be Void if the match is settled as a Draw.

Half Time / Full Time
Result at Half Time, followed by the Full Time result.

Over/Under Goals
Total Number of Goals in the match. Over 1.5 Goals means there must be at least 2 goals in the match, Over 2.5 Goals means at least 3 goals, and so on.

Over/Under Goals 1st/2nd Half
Applies exactly the same as Over/Under Goals, but specific to either the 1st of 2nd Half.

3-Way Handicap
The result with either team given a handicap as shown on the bet. For Example, “Starting 1-0” gives the home team a 1 goal handicap lead. If you select a Home result from here, the Home team must win with this 1 goal handicap lead applied. So if the match finishes as a Draw, your handicap selection would Win your bet. If the match finishes as a 0-1 result to the Away Team, your bet would be a Loser. If the Home Team wins the match by any result, your bet would be a Winner.


To open packs and win coins, ensure you are logged in and have deposited coins into your account.

1. From our Packs page, choose from our wide range of packs, select your pack, enter the number of packs you wish to purchase and select “Purchase with Coins”

2. You will then be taken to your Available Pack page. You can navigate back to here by visiting “My Account > Available” Packs if you wish to. From here, you will be able to open your packs! Once your pack has opened, you will be able to share your pack with all your Twitter followers!

3. Once you have opened your pack, you can choose between Open More Packs or View Coin Balances which will show all your recent pack history.

4. The player values of each pack will be added to your account instantly so you can enjoy your winnings. Please note that player values do not always 100% reflect the FIFA18 player values. Our prices are updated weekly to remain as close as possible to the exact values.

Double Stakes

For FUT18, we welcome back our extremely popular game, Double Stakes. The rules of this one are simple!

1. Select your stake using the slider at the bottom of the page.

2.Select your colour, Red, Black, or Green.

3.The Double Stakes Wheel will spin and where it lands will determine your winnings!

4.Any credits won will be added to your balance instantly, all Double Stakes history can be found via My Account > Coin Balances.


Introducing our Brand New Game! The objective here is to predict the rating of the next player to appear on your screen, whether it will be a Higher or Lower value. Remember, there are more silver and bronze players in the football world than there are gold ones.

1. Select your stake using the slider at the bottom of the page.

2.Then select your odds by predicting how many H/L predictions you will make correctly. You can choose 3, 5 or 7 correct.

3.Your first player will appear, simply choose between a Higher or Lower Value. If you predict correctly, you will move onto the next and your winnings will be added should you successfully reach your 3, 5 or 7 correct predictions!

4.Remember, there are more silver and bronze players in the football world than there are gold ones.